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8x4x2ft Galvanized Metal Raised Garden Bed for Vegetables, Outdoor Garden Raised Planter Box, Backyard Patio Planter Raised Beds for Flowers

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This metal raised garden bed is bottomless designed, making the roots of plants can extend freely and allows excess moisture to easily drain away. It is ideal for plant vegetables, herbs, plants, succulents and flowers.

Specifications Size: 8 ×4 ×2 ft


Steel raised bed garden is made of galvanized steel, durable. Not Rotting Like Wood.

Bottomless design, plants didn't touch the metal, provide good drainage.

The top and bottom of the four corners are connected with different connectors, which is more firm.

There are 4 support bars connect the middle of the two long side panel, make the bed more firmly.

Longer vegetable flower bed Kit provide large space to grow your favorite plants, vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs, succulents and so on.

The raised bed is easy to assemble. All necessary screws and tool are included in delivery and can be attached in no time.


Garden Bed Kit
1x Double Open End Wrench
1x Phillips Screwdriver
1x Assembly Manual
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