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15'×6.6'×6.6' Tunnel Greenhouse Walk-in Hoop Greenhouses, Green

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【PE Material】This greenhouse is made of PE material plastic cover, which is tough and durable, 100% waterproof. The transparent greenhouse cover can transmit 85% of the sun while blocking ultraviolet rays to protect plants from harm.

【8 Mesh Windows】This greenhouse for the outside is designed with a zipper door and 8 exhaust windows. Closing the doors and windows can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering, and at the same time enhance the warming function of the greenhouse. The mesh screen window cloth with Velcro is good for ventilation.

【Steady Frame Structure】This greenhouse for outdoors is made of a powder-coated metal frame, and four diagonal rods are designed at the four corners of the conservatory, which has good resistance to rain and snow. The ground frame adopts U-shaped piles to effectively grasp the ground and reduce wind resistance.

【Spacious Space】The size of the greenhouse is 15'(L)×6.6'(W)×6.6'(H), and the size of the door is 3.9'(W)×5.4'(H). The portable greenhouse has a spacious interior, which provides convenience for your in and out and planting.

【Widely Applicable】greenhouses for outside winter are of high quality and long lifespan, providing a warm and humid environment for plant production throughout the year. Even in the dry winter, our greenhouse is suitable for growing fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants, and potted plants.


Cover Material: PE

Cover Color: Green

Frame: Steel Pipe

Dimension of Greenhouse: 15'(L)×6.6'(W)×6.6'(H)

Dimension of Door: 3.9'(W)×5.4'(H)


- This walk-in greenhouse has a certain endurance, but users still need to take protective measures for the greenhouse before the advent of bad weather.

- Please secure your greenhouse in windy conditions with extra ropes when wind speed excess 24 miles/hour.

- Please try to install your greenhouse away from direct wind conditions.

- Please keep your outdoor greenhouse for winter clear of snow during snowy conditions. Snow coverage can not be exceeded 2 inches.

Package Included

Greenhouse x 1

Accessory Kit x 1

Manual x 1

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