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Icicle Shimmer LED Stacked Snowmen Yard Sculpture

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It is recommended to buy a few more, the effect of free matching will be better! ! ! 😍😍
🎁 Suitable for everyone who likes Christmas, they will light up your Christmas Eve on Christmas Day"
😍This will make your neighbors and friends rave about your home! ~
Turn your lawn into an arctic playground with penguin slide garden sculptures. The whimsical penguin design provides a joyful appearance, and is coordinated with a series of holiday decoration themes, providing a variety of decoration options.

 A durable metal frame and acrylic construction ensure lasting durability for use in your display year after year, while the simple design makes assembly a quick, easy DIY project. This penguins slide yard sculpture features 190 energy-efficient LEDs, lighting up your lawn, porch or foyer throughout the night.

Easy to assemble, with instructions and all required parts. It is a bright white with some golden finishes to make it more standing. It has amazing details and stands out. It is made of sturdy material and is not easy to bend.

serving as a beacon for family and friends visiting your happy home for the holidays.

  • Acrylic construction and a strong metal frame offer durability
  • Sturdy enough for placement inside or outdoors
  • Energy-efficient LEDs deliver long-lasting lighting
  • Set includes one penguins slide yard sculpture
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