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Light Up Christmas Double Reindeer and Sleigh Lawn Ornament, Waterproof LED Lights Indoor Outdoor, Yard, Christmas Holiday Lawn Decorations (White)

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【Application】Santa's reindeer and sleigh are the magic of the holiday! Presents delivered by Santa flown by reindeer around the world! Bring this magic to your yard, under your Christmas tree, wherever gifts are exchanged. 【Easy Set Up 】We do provide everything needed for assembly making it quick and easy. Please assemble according to the installation instructions. Finally lit up the reindeer. 【Safety Adaptor】The gift box are lighted with LED lights powered by adaptor. 30V low voltage string lights for safety use. 【IP44 Certified Waterproof】IP44 Waterproof design makes these delightfully lighted packages are ideal decoration indoor & outdoor. 【Unique Design】Double reindeer and sleigh brings magic to your holiday! Light up your yard or porch with the magic of the Christmas holiday.
Color:White Bring the magic of the holiday to your yard and around your tree or on your porch with our lighted Santa's Reindeer and Sleigh . Product Specification: Name: Pre-lit Light Up Christmas Double Reindeer and Sleig LED QTY: 120 LEDs Light: White Waterproof: IP44 Power Supply: Adaptor Transformer Output: 30V
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