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Stainless Steel Lawn Level Tool with Handle for Grass Golf Field (42")

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Start your leveling or reseeding project with the ultimate Varomorus Lawn Rake.

This tool will help you to get a smooth, even lawn, without bumps or depressions.

With the Varomorus leveling tool, you can create your ideal outdoor space and enjoy your active and relaxing time there.

Using this leveling rake really saves time and makes a huge difference to the quality of your lawn.

3 pieces sturdy stainless steel handle. Can be used as 72" or 50".

Varomorus Lawn Rakes

Extra long handle in set.

The 72 inches long and sturdy handle has an assembled structure of 3 parts.

It is easy and quick to assemble. It is possible to use a 50" handle with two sections.

The top of the handle has a bent shape so that it is comfortable to push and pull.

The handle is made of stainless steel.

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